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Company BelSimTek was founded in 2011. BelSimTek is the Belarusian Engineering Innovative company that uses the skills of high-level scientists and engineers from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine to create professional-level flight simulators and computer games in the same subjects. All employees have a high education for their specialization, three of whom have a doctor degree.

DCS: UH-1H Huey was the first gaming application from BelSimTek that was released in April 2013.

This game simulator that runs in the environmental resources of DCS from Eagle Dynamics. Currently the company is working on the improvement of the already issued simulator UH-1H, and started new game projects:

The games listed above will be released in the same way as UH-1H, in format of Add-On to DCS:World.

Particular attention is paid to developments in the realism of flight dynamics and operation of the systems. This is achieved by high level of detail, as well as constant product testing by professional pilots of many countries that have experience in operating such equipment or simulated.

The company's motto – Enchant by realism!